God’s Providence Series:

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Where Was God During The Election?

The average American view of power, freedom, and authority is unique compared to other nations. America is known for guaranteeing God-given natural freedoms that everyone should have. This also means that it is the will of the people who make the decisions and grant authority to those in government. While other nations have the ideology that the people serve the government, the United States has a government serving the people by protecting their rights.

But how does this “will of the people” compare to the topic of God’s divine providence? Is there a will of the people if God is in complete control? Is earthly authority never decided by the people, but instead by God? If God is the one truly picking the leaders of the free world (or even all nations), is God truly loving when the leaders are doing evil? To better understand this issue, let us look at a somewhat recent example of leadership change: The Presidential Election of 2016. In these blog posts below I will be exploring how theologies stretching from various stances on God’s divine providence would explain God’s role in this controversial election.

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